True Price Calculator

True Price Calculator

What is True Price Calculator?

Well the most common question asked when we want to sell our used goods is kitne ka bikega (what's it worth)? Pricing of used goods is the most common problem which leads to an unfair market for used goods. So we thought of a calculator that could detrmine an accurate price for used goods so that both buyers and sellers do not end up the transaction being higher or lower than the actual value. At times we are selling our used goods below its actual resale value and we incur losses or we are asking too much which leads to bargain and we are uanble to send our used goods. So with the help of True Price Calculator we can create a Fair Price market for used goods.

There is a website that offers a similar type of service then why should I use your True Price Calculator?

Yes there is a website that offers a similar type of service but the value determine by that calculator is inaccurate. You can compare the value determine by True Price Claculator with all types of softwares and calculators available for the valuation of used goods and you will see the accuracy provided by True Price Calculator. You can see the screeshot below to get a better understanding. Our True Price Calculator is more accurate as we focus on the market trend and purchase price.

Please see the pictures below.

Is it free to use True Price Calculator?

Yes True Price Calculator is absolutely free to use. Although you can help us create a Fair Price market for used goods by posting a FREE AD on our website.